How To Hunt For Lodging When You’re Miles Away

Long distance lodging hunting is always a cumbersome task that never gives a good outcome. You can never actually look at the place all you want, and sometimes the advertisements would be dead ends. It is a stressful and annoying task that sometimes is not worth all the trouble you go through. But it is also sometimes an essential task unless you have money to survive on AirBnB’s until you find a place when you reach your destination.

Always do your timing right

One thing about looking for a place to stay at when you are overseas or miles away from the actual place you want to get the place from, is that you get your timing right. You need to start months early to make sure that you can get a place to your liking that is within your budget range as well.  Once you have found the place, and then take a day off to go and visit it at least once before you move there. Budgeting for the rent and also supplies for the place should be done after you take your pick from the pool. Depending on the type of place, get the landlord to give you a written statement about rent and such, like in the case of serviced suite renting, you can always ask for a letter.

Do short term for the first time

It is highly recommended to do the contract for only a few months. Since you are picking the place from miles away and you might not have time to check out the facilities and other options as much as you want (or should), do a short term rental first. This way if you find something you do not like then you just have to endure for a few months when compared to enduring for a year when you get an annual contract. This is easily done when you go to rent serviced apartment.

Request for a tour

If you do not have time to do a physical visit before you move in, then you can take advantage of the technology boom going on and ask for a video tour. You can schedule a tour with the landlord or with your future roommates (use skype or some other video software). You can use this as a chance to get to know the people you will be dealing with as well.

Do your research well about the place you make the final decisions about so that you do not run into any surprises. Do a background check about the apartment building and the landlord too. If you are going with roommates then check out their social media pages and see if you can find mutual friends.